September 2021- Welcome Back!


  • Welcome Back!

    Laura Pollak and Barbara Deal

    Virtual Check-In 

    Bring lunch and check-in with a surprise activity. 

    ESports with Concorde Education

    Presented by Elliot S. Schubin, Esq. (Concorde Education) and Regina Moraitis, Supervisor (小猪视频 BOCES)

    Concorde Education operates leagues and provides the coaching and technology needed to launch and support custom esports teams. 


    Overview of the Mobilize listserv and community features.

    Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) 

    Presented by Chris Reinertsen, Associate Director, 小猪视频 BOCES 

    In this session we’ll review various MFA options and implementation strategies. 

    Open Forum/Breakouts 

    Open forum session to ask questions and find solutions. 

    Meet in breakout rooms based on your district roles and responsibilities. 

    • Network Tech & IT 
    • Instructional Edtech & PD 
    • Data Privacy & Security (DPOs) 
    • NIST CSF