Register for and Access Parent Portal

  • 1.  Print and fill out the Parent Portal Application Form- include current email address

    2.  During school hours, the parent or guardian must bring in person, to the front desk of the attending school (Barry Tech or LIHSA), the following items:
    • The completed Parent Portal Application Form
    • Your Photo ID  
    • Your child's progress report, report card, or sending school schedule for verification purposes.

    3.  Within one week, the Central Office will verify the above information and you will be able to create your portal account.   

    4.  Login to scroll down to the bottom and click 'Register Now'.  (Google Chrome is the recommended browser).

    • When the 'Register Now' window opens, enter:
      • Your first and last name
      • A username
      • Your e-mail address
      • A password, and re-enter the password  
      • Click on 'SUBMIT'     

    5. You are now ready to login to the ClassMate Parent Portal. Click on "Sign In", and enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

    6.  Once you are logged in, you will see 'Welcome to the Parent Portal' and your child's name will be on the left side of the screen.  

    7.  Click on your child's name.  You will be able to view attendance, grades or schedule of the current or previous marking periods.

    8. If you need assistance navigating the portal, please call 516-622-6878  during school hours. For portal application procedures, please contact your child's school.  

  • Report Cards and Progress Reports now available on the portal